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Aveneu Auto Mechanic installs ClearPlex windshield protection films in Edmonton starting at 1399 Aed. Enhance your vehicle with the best performing ClearPlex windshield protection film. ClearPlex is the world’s first optically-clear windshield protection film. It protects vehicle’s windshield from standard road hazards by significantly reducing the occurrence of rock chips, stars, pitting, and bull’s-eyes—leaving the glass in pristine condition.

What is ClearPlex?

Clearplex is a multi-layer visually invisible protection film that adheres to a vehicle’s windshield. Its main purpose is to absorb the impact of every day road hazards that can damage or even break unprotected glass. ClearPlex windshield protection film is an economical solution to preserve original windshield.


Like glass and stands up to everyday abrasions like windshield wipers

Preserves original windshield

Offers seamless integration with a vehicle’s windshield

Optically invisible

Minimally reduces transmitted light

99.9% UV protection

Protects vehicles’ interiors and their occupants

Better visibility

Offers faster run-offs of rain and snow

Smash-and-grab protection

It works great on side and rear windows

Keeps resale value

Is ideal for luxury and classic cars

Solid Warranty

Is guaranteed not to bubble, peel, crack, or yellow while under warranty


Your windshield is as valuable as it is vulnerable. Many vehicle windshields on today’s market are equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems), which makes them even more susceptible to irreparable damage. Reduce the risk of a costly windshield replacement and steep recalibration expenses with the armour of DYNOflex windshield protection film.


DYNOflex windshield protection film’s unique hydrogen bonded polyurethane construction makes it the superior choice when it comes to prevention of rock chips, cracks, scratches, and stains.

DYNOflex Windshield Protection Film

Ensuring your windshield maintains that “just drove off the lot” look, every day.

Permanent protection of the most vulnerable part of your Ford

Windshields can become easily damaged while on the road – rock chips, pits, and cracks. ADAS sensor recalibration required, too. Keep your windshield in pristine condition so you can focus on the road without distractions.

Crack-free shock absorption & impact dispersion technology

DYNOflex has been specially engineered to effectively disperse the shock of impact. When subject to an external shock the hydrogen-bonded polyurethane pulls DYNOflex like a spring, successfully preventing damage.

Superior durability and outstanding resilience

DYNOflex is built of several highly elastic layers that makes it a crack-resistant film and allows it to self-heal scratches. Because of its unique design DYNOflex has the ability to absorb and disperse even the strongest shocks.

Excellent UV rejection

Approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation, DYNOflex provides 99% UV radiation rejection, keeping both you and the interior of your Ford safer.

Superior performance, in any weather

The durable aliphatic material (a non-aromatic carbon compound) that DYNOflex is made with can withstand even the harshest Alberta weather. It is also highly hydrophobic, which means a cleaner and clearer windshield.

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