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Air Matic Suspension In Dubai | Air Suspension Repair

Airmatic suspension  is equipped with pneumatic struts, which are supplied with air from the compressor. The adjustment of the required pressure in the system is provided by a computer that reads the readings of various sensors and, based on this information, maintains the required angle and height of the car while driving. This suspension adapts well to road conditions, provides comfortable movement and allows you to change the vehicle’s ground clearance if necessary.

The service life of the air suspension is affected by such factors as: operating conditions, road surface quality, driving style, weather conditions, regular maintenance. The functioning of AirMatic is impossible without the correct operation of electronic systems, sensors, pneumatic compressor, serviceable air struts. To avoid costly suspension repairs, you should pay attention to the stability of its operation and perform diagnostics in time. In order for air springs to last longer, we recommend that they be cleaned every six months. In addition, the air filter of the Airmatic compressor should be replaced as soon as it becomes dirty.

In the event of a more serious malfunction, the height adjustment of the body becomes impossible, the body drops down and information about the corresponding error appears on the dashboard.

Air suspension issues and repair

There are a number of problems that can occur with the suspension system:

Relay problems: The relay switch opens and closes the circuits in the compressor and controls the electronic circuits. At times, this system can fail because of over-extended compressor engagement.

A competent mechanic can identify the location of Airmatic relay and advise on whether it needs to be changed.

Compressor: You can find out if the compressor is the problem when your vehicle lowers and there is no initiation of any raise. The compressor pumps air into suspension bags. Sometimes, there can be airflow blockages or a loss of pressure that is needed for air suspension maintenance. At times, the compressor can fail completely. Depending on the extent of the problem, a replacement or a repair with a simple cable fix may suffice.

Valve block: Air, at times, can leak into the compressor causing internal compressor damage. This kind of damage compromises suspension elevation. The vehicle cannot maintain its height with a valve block of the Airmatic system.

Shocks: Incorrect handling of the shock system can result in the shock making a rattling or squeaking noise. The internal parts of the Airmatic suspension may have got dislodged and may need to be replaced by a competent  mechanic.

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