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In addition to the fact that the car breaks down at the most inopportune time, it also breaks down in the most inappropriate place – when you are far from “your” car service, where you are already used to servicing cars. It’s even more difficult for newbies behind the wheel, who not only don’t have “their own” car service yet, but also don’t navigate the prices for repairs and maintenance, allowing dishonest service stations to deceive them even on minor repairs.

Proven car services in Dubai, the Avenue Auto Services portal allows you to find the nearest technical center to your location in just a couple of minutes, where they will help you solve any problem with your car. In addition to making the search for a suitable car service quick and easy, we also ensured the relevance of the information provided, helping you find not just the car service closest to you, but the service that would solve your particular problem.

How does Avenue Auto work?

If your car breaks down or you need service, just call us or fill form and the Avenue Auto Services experts will contact you. We indicate the problem that has arisen and help you to get rid of them at a time.

  • Proven auto repair garage in Dubai
  • Up-to-date information about car services in Dubai and the services they provide
  • Reviews from real customers
  • Own department for quality control of car services
  • Constantly updated database of services and regular monitoring of prices

All this makes the Avenue portal indispensable for car owners. Using the site, you really quickly find a suitable car service that meets exactly your requirements.

PS When you see a confused driver on the road, standing on the emergency gang, do not rush to pass by. Even if you cannot help in any way, advise him to look at “Avenue Auto Services”. And help out a person, and you will earn plus in karma.


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