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Axle Repair In Dubai

Avenue Auto Services was one of the first Dubai private companies to set up a workshop entirely dedicated to the maintenance and repair of axles.

Since then, Avenue Auto Services has been offering the most common overhaul and repair services for all types of axles. Thanks to a team of highly qualified operators and modern, high-performance tools, the company treats 2,500 axles annually in accordance with the most widespread maintenance rules in Dubai.

Our workshops have structures dedicated to the maintenance and repair of axles. With trained and highly qualified personnel, combined with state-of-the-art facilities, it is possible to process more than 2,500 axles per year, depending on repair and maintenance operations, and in accordance with the maintenance rules in force.


The Avenue Auto Services site is an important center of competence for wheelsets. In addition to one of the largest axle warehouses in Dubai (where we take over the complete management of our customers’ axles, including electronic data recording, barcode recording and labelling), we provide axle maintenance up to level 3.


We specialize in the regeneration and repair of the rear suspension element for all types of car. We have a specially designed and equipped technology line on which we perform all rear axle repairs.

Consequently, Avenue Auto Services has perfect control of the key axle repair and maintenance operations:

  • Disassembly / Unboxing / Reassembly,
  • Wheel reprofiling,
  • Non-destructive testing (ultrasound and magnetic particle testing)
  • bearing control,
  • shot blasting / painting.


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