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All-wheel drive vehicles are famous for their off-road qualities. However, for them to please their owners for a long time, it is important to take care of them promptly and monitor their technical condition. This is especially true of the transfer case, which performs the function of transferring power from the internal combustion engine to the front and rear axles of the machine.

If there is an unpleasant rattle, vibrations in the transfer case area, or other signs, then you must immediately go to the service to establish the cause and repair the transfer case.


  • The first signs of a faulty transfer case can be:
  • The appearance of vibration during acceleration of the car;
  • The presence of oil leaks;
  • The occurrence of increased noise in the transfer case;
  • The appearance of signs of wedging when driving with the steering wheel twisted;
  • Difficulties in selecting and shifting gears;
  • Spontaneous disengagement of gears when driving a car.

If you do not pay attention to these signs in time, then more serious problems may appear, which will lead to the fact that the cost of repairing the transfer case can increase significantly.


The repair of the transfer case or the so-called repair of the corner gear can be considered based on examples from automotive services. Hyundai IX55 is a good car, but quite rare. Therefore, the selection of spare parts and repairs can sometimes be difficult.

The reason for the calls to the service was the failure of the all-wheel drive. The customer of the repair suggested that the spline connection on the transfer case shaft and in the differential of the automatic gearbox was broken. The cause of the problem was the corrosive effect, which thinned the splines. As a result, under the influence of a large moment from the internal combustion engine, the splines simply cut off.

You can solve the problem by installing a new automatic transmission differential cup and installing a new transfer case shaft. After installation, the central pair of the angular gearbox is adjusted. The bearings of the transfer case and the differential of the automatic transmission are also being changed. Finally, fresh oil is poured into the transfer case and automatic gearbox.


A slightly different story happened with the Volvo xc90 car. Initially, there were no problems with the car. The owner went to her constantly and did not know the problems. But after a while, at the start and when cornering, a clanging metallic sound began to appear. The driver did not wait for the breakdown and went to the official dealer to perform diagnostic measures. They showed that it was necessary to replace the angular gear reducer. As a result, the cost of replacing it at an authorized dealer would be 1.5 hundred thousand rubles.
For the owner of the Volvo xc90, repairing the corner gear turned out to be quite an expensive pleasure. In addition, he did not have a lot of money at that time, and other expenses were also planned. Therefore, he decided to turn to a private service, where the cost of spare parts and services provided is an order of magnitude lower. As a result, the service offered to supply a used gearbox, which cost only 40 thousand rubles.

In private service, when the car was raised on a lift, during diagnostic measures, the “Drive” mode was turned on. A problem was revealed – there was no rotation of the rear-drive Cardan, and a metallic creak was also heard. In addition, an oil leak was observed through the oil seal of the automatic gearbox.

When removing the gearbox, the cause of the malfunction was identified, including the source of metal grinding. It turned out that the splines on the input shaft of the angular gear were completely cut off. As a result, rotation was simply not transmitted to the gearbox from the automatic gearbox. At the start, the clutch scrolled around the shaft, as a result of which that metal rattle appeared.

With an increase in speed, the torques of rotation of the coupling and the shaft were aligned, as a result, the unpleasant sound also disappeared. However, when cornering, due to the difference in the moment of rotation of the wheels, the sound appeared again.
In addition to replacing the gearbox, the clutch had to be replaced, because its splines were also subject to significant wear. The whole repair, with the search for spare parts and repair work, took about a week. The decision to contact a private service allowed the owner of a Volvo xc90 car to save about 100 thousand rubles.

Repair of a transfer case is a laborious process and directly depends on the exact determination of the causes of the malfunction, which requires professional skills and training. When contacting a private car service, you can significantly save your budget without losing the quality of the services provided. Prices in a car service are quite democratic, and to receive qualified assistance, just fill out the form below.


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