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BMW Leak Repair

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Proper, regular maintenance and routine oil changes can eliminate the problems outlined above and help you avoid further damage to primary engine components, essentially preventing damage and leaks before they happen. A good approach is to use a regular maintenance checklist to stay on top of this. Even a vehicle storage checklist Opens a new window can help you focus on critical areas for maintaining your car.

If you do develop a leak in any of the above areas you can self-service your vehicle with parts purchased at a local automotive store. If time, experience or a lack of tools limit what you can do at home then the mechanic is an option.

If you do develop a leak in any of the above areas you can self-service your vehicle with parts purchased at a local automotive store. If time, experience or a lack of tools limit what you can do at home then the mechanic is an option.

Common reasons why your car might be leaking oil

  • Oil pan gasket

  • Valve cover gasket

  • Front and rear crankshaft seals

  • Oil filter and oil drain plug

  • Timing cover gasket or seal

  • Camshaft seals

  • Cylinder head gasket

  • Oil filter adapter housing gasket or seal

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  • Synthetic Premium Oil Change

  • Oil Filter Change

  • Car engine oil repair

  • Oil Flushing

  • Free 150 Point Inspection

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Oil Leaks Repair In Dubai

Have you noticed an oil stain under your stationary vehicle? Or that the level was dropping too quickly? Distrust, you may be dealing with an oil leak. A problem that can seriously harm your vehicle if not fixed quickly. What are the risks? What are the causes of the leak? Find all our advice on what to do in the event of an oil leak on your vehicle.

How to identify the type of oil?

To know what to do in the event of an oil leak on your vehicle, and to help you locate the origin of the problem, you must first identify the type of oil that is leaking. To do this, provide yourself with thick, clear vehicle board, allowing you to check the color and appearance of the liquid. Thus, if the oil is:

  • Black, thick: this is engine oil ;
  • Orange, with a fairly strong smell: it is manual gearbox oil  ;
  • Red, without impurity: it is automatic gearbox oil  ;
  • Blue, yellow, pink or green: this is another fluid, washer fluid, coolant, steering fluid, etc.

How to identify the type of oil?

Do you notice stains or streaks of oil under your vehicle? Or are you complaining of a rapid and significant drop in the oil level? You are most likely dealing with an oil leak on your vehicle and you must therefore act quickly. But what is the origin of the problem?

Given the large number of components that make up a vehicle, the cause of the leak can come from several areas. This may in particular be linked to:

  • cylinder head gasket;
  • Gasket, or SPI seal;
  • Oil filter;
  • Oil cooler or oil/water exchanger;
  • Pistons and cylinders
  • Crankcase or crankcase gasket;
  • Crankcase bleed screw;
  • Rocker cover.

If you have good mechanical knowledge, you can open the hood of your vehicle to find the cause of the oil leak yourself. Warning, wait until the engine is cold before starting these checks. On the other hand, if you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to turn to a professional who will quickly and precisely find the origin of the problem.

Oil leak: what are the risks?

An oil leak on your vehicle can have serious consequences, especially if it is engine oil. And for good reason: this product allows the optimal operation of your vehicle by fulfilling several key roles. It lubricates the engine components and limits friction between the different parts. Engine oil forms a protective film preventing contact between these important elements.

But that’s not all, this liquid also plays a protective role by protecting the metal parts of the engine from corrosion. The oil also contributes to the cleaning of the engine, by driving out the various deposits and particles which can be created during the operation of the vehicle. Finally, this essential product contributes – along with the coolant – to tempering the engine and avoiding excessive heat.

As you will have understood, in the event of an oil leak on your vehicle, all these roles could no longer be performed optimally. Therefore, the lack of oil could seriously damage all engine parts very quickly and cause breakage and breakdowns in your vehicle. And, in the end, the repairs would prove to be particularly expensive.

This is why it is advisable to regularly check the oil levels, to be vigilant as to the signs of leaks that you could spot. And, if you are concerned by this problem, to act quickly in order to stop this flow.

How to fix an oil leak?

After pinpointing the cause of the leak on your vehicle, all that remains is to fix it. If it is a problem related to a seal, it is enough to change this element. Ditto if the leak is linked to a defective part of the vehicle or to a pipe. Equipment replacement should stop the flow. As a precaution, however, it is still preferable to turn to a mechanic. Some procedures may require professional equipment. In addition, a bad repair could make the problem worse and affect the proper functioning of your vehicle.

After changing seals or parts, you still have to check that everything is back to normal. To do this, turn on the vehicle’s engine and let it run for a few minutes while it warms up. If no flow is now visible, the leak has been properly stopped. Once the repair is done, drain the oil.


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