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Ferrari Gear Vibration Repair In Dubai

When an element has a problem, it is therefore essential to know how to fix it. Because of this, it is useful to know how to repair a gearbox.

The gearbox is an essential part of any vehicle. Indeed, it is this mechanical part that allows the driver to change gears and change the look of the car he is driving.

How do you know if a gearbox is dead?

Since gearboxes are very important for driving a vehicle, it is rather advisable to regularly check that yours can perform its functions. To do this, several signs can help you make a diagnosis.

So, you can assume that your vehicle’s gearbox is having a problem, when:

    • Changing gears is difficult;
    • A burning smell is perceptible in the passenger compartment;
    • A transmission noise is heard when the car is in neutral;
    • Gears jump when driving;
    • A grinding noise from the automatic gearbox is heard (for automatic vehicles);
    • A loss of oil is observable;
    • The warning light comes on on the dashboard;
    • You feel tremors;
    • You hear squealing coming directly from the gearbox;
    • Your car suffers from a lack of responsiveness.

If you notice the existence of one or more of these symptoms, it is certain that you must have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

In fact, driving a vehicle with a gearbox in poor condition is extremely dangerous for your safety and that of your passengers.

  • Black, thick: this is engine oil ;
  • Orange, with a fairly strong smell: it is manual gearbox oil  ;
  • Red, without impurity: it is automatic gearbox oil  ;
  • Blue, yellow, pink or green: this is another fluid, washer fluid, coolant, steering fluid, etc.

How to disassemble a gearbox?

If your gearbox is faulty and you have the soul of a do-it-yourselfer, you can try to do the replacement yourself.

For this, you obviously need to know how to dismantle a gearbox.

           Several steps must be followed:

    • Remove the mats used to cover the center console;
    • Remove the gear lever gaiter (by removing the screws that hold it in place);
    • Remove the console from the car;
    • Remove the gear lever (by removing the lower link bolt);
    • Remove the bolts that secure the driveshaft to the vehicle;
    • Also take out the clutch slave;
    • Remove the gearbox (by pulling it up and in).

How to repair a manual gearbox?

After dismantling a manual gearbox, you can then proceed with the reassembly phase:

    • Put the gear train in its place;
    • Position the axis then set up the main landing gear;
    • Place the new bearings and the dovecote on the main shaft;
    • Put the secondary shaft in position;
    • Replace the rear gearbox extension (using a new klingerite gasket);
    • Tighten the screws and replace the Spi seal (placed at the back);
    • Put a new gasket on the front of the gearbox casing;
    • Tighten all cover fixing screws;
    • Try shifting gears.

How to repair an automatic gearbox?

Like its manual counterpart, an automatic transmission can also be repaired, as long as you have a certain know-how and adequate tools (lifts, lifting jacks, transmission jacks, etc.). ).

To do this:

    • Identify the cause of the failure;
    • Disassemble the box following the advice given above;
    • Change defective parts;
    • Reassemble the box.

The repair of an automatic gearbox is often accompanied by the emptying of the automatic gearbox, so that the vehicle regains its initial performance.

Indeed, over time, particles agglomerate in the transmission oil stored in the box.

Due to this, the substance loses its lubricating and hydraulic abilities.

For driving to become fluid again and for the life of the transmission to increase, it is therefore necessary to take advantage of this repair to drain and change the transmission oil contained in the gearbox.

In some rare cases, the gearbox simply needs an oil change and not a repair (or, even less, a change).

It is in particular the diagnosis which is essential when the automatic transmission is clogged.

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