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If you are hearing Lower Control Arm Noise or Sounds while driving, or your car’s suspension is down and you are feeling a bumpy ride, you need to check your Car with us at Avenue Auto Mechanic , we offer you completely free car inspection with International Standards Tools

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You Might Have Seen Many Luxury Cars Tilted To One Side Parked In Front Of Car Repair Shops In Dubai. These Cars Mostly Require Car Suspension Repair Service In Dubai. Yes, Car Suspension Repairing Is Too Common In Dubai, Even For Expensive Luxury Cars. Why Do Cars Experience Hard Suspension Or Suspension Of Oil Leakage? Claim A Free Suspension Inspection Today.

Suspension issues and problems cannot go unnoticed; knowing about the details is not going to hurt. An efficient suspension system is critical for a smooth drive, and if you are experiencing awkward bumps and noises while going through bumps and speed breakers, it’s time for suspension replacement in Dubai. Here are some common signs of suspension problems and too hard suspension.

At Our Auto Body Shop in Dubai, we are fortunate to have highly experienced and professional mechanics. With years of experience, our staff knows how to restore your Vehicle’s body shine and make it look like new again. Our auto body shop has industry’s best man force, knowledgeable and skilled to do all types of services like Accidental Repair, Denting & Painting, Chassis Repair, Rim Protection, and all auto body services. If you need the best quality work at an affordable price, then Auto Bodyshop Dubai will never disappoint you.

Professional Lower Control Arms Repair Service In Dubai

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Is Your Car Making Funny Sounds While You Are Driving? Any Sounds Or Noises That You Haven’t Heard Before? Then Maybe It’s Time For You To Visit The Avenue Auto Mechanic To Get Your Suspension Systems Checked. Avenue Auto Mechanic Is One Of The Leading Providers Of Car Suspension Repair Service In Dubai.

Our Workshop Is Spread Over A 9300 Sq. Ft Area, Powered By Upgraded Machinery And Tools. We Offer Complete Diagnostic And Car Services In Dubai For Modern Luxury Vehicles And All Types Of German, American, European, Luxury & High End Cars.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Most Of These Parts Use Rod Ends To Adjust The Length Of The Arm. Rod Ends Are Spherical Bearings With A Threaded End (Male Or Female). Rod Ends Should Never Be Set So That The Amount Of Thread Engaged Is Less Than 1.5x The Diameter Of The End Itself. So A 5/8″ Rod End Would Need 15/16″ Threads Engaged In Order To Be Considered Properly Installed. A Typical 5/8″ Rod End Has 1 5/8″ Of Threaded Shank, So That Means That You Have 11/16 Available Thread To Adjust With. Subtract The Thickness Of The Jam Nut Which Is 3/8″, And That Leaves You With Not A Whole Lot Of Adjustment–5/16″ To Be Exact.

To A Crack. The Threads In The Rod Ends Used In Most Of The Control Arm Designs Are Stress Risers. The Worst Thing You Can Do To A Stress Riser Is Put It Under A Bending Load. Particularly In The Rear Of The Z, This Is Exactly What We Are Doing. The Farther The Rod End Is Extended, The Wose The Bending Load Is. The Bending Load Tries To Spread Open The Threads And “Continue” The Crack. If The Crack Does Propogate, This Is Going To Result In A Snapped Rod End, Which Results In Sudden And Violent Toe Change Which Most Likely Will End With The Other Rod End Letting Go, And From There An Accident. You Need To Decide Whether That Risk Is Acceptable And What Kind Of Maintenance And Inspection Schedule Is Appropriate For These Parts.

Since Rod Ends Have No Insulating Property, The Vibrations In The Control Arms Will Be Transferred To The Chassis. This Makes The Cabin More Noisy, But There Is A More Serious Factor At Work. The Lack Of A Bushing Means That Sudden Impacts To The Suspension Will Also Be Transferred To The Chassis And These Can Lead To Weakening Of The Structure Of The Car, Weakening Of The Control Arm, Or Both.

On The Car Adjustable Simply Means That You Do Not Have To Disconnect Parts Of The Suspension In Order To Adjust The Length Of The Arm. This Feature Is A Selling Point Of Many Of The Available Control Arms, And Is Particularly Important In The Rear Control Arms.

Camber Bushings Are Available For Our Cars As An Alternative To Adjustable Control Arms, And These Have Limitations That Are Often Overlooked. When One Adjusts The Camber The Toe Changes As Well. The Bumpsteer Also Changes. The Bushings Don’t Adjust Camber Very Much (About 1 Degree Total Adjustment) And They Necessarily Bind The Front Suspension. As The Front Control Arm Moves Up And Down, The Tc Rod Pivots With It. The Tc Rod Pivots On An Arc, And This Arc Wants To Make The Control Arm Forward Until The Tc Rod Is Parallel To The Ground, Then Back Until The Suspension Bottoms. The Camber Bushings Don’t Allow For This Swing Since They Are Made From Very Hard Delin And Aluminum, So This Stress Is Taken Up Jointly By The Tc Bushings And The Crossmember. Stock Rubber Bushings Will Flex To Allow This Sweep, Although Commonly Used Polyurethane Is Also Fairly Stiff And Increases The Stress On These Parts. A Rod End On An Adjustable Control Arm Allows For This Movement With No Increased Stress At The Crossmember Or The Tc Rod. The Suspension Is Free To Travel Its Natural Arc Without Any Binding Or Increased Friction.

Adjustable Front Control Arms Can Be Used To Adjust The Front Track Or To Adjust Front Camber. Whenever An Adjustment Is Made To The Front Control Arms It Will Change The Toe Setting, So Toe Will Always Need To Be Adjusted After Adjusting A Front Control Arm’s Length. This Situation Makes Adjustable Front Control Arms Less Desirable For At-the-track Camber Changes, Even When The Arms Are On The Car Adjustable. What Is More Desirable From A Quick Adjustment Perspective Is A Camber Plate. Camber Plates, Especially The Slotted Type, Can Be Adjusted For Street Driving And Then Changed At An Avenue Auto Mechanic Or A Track Day And Again Changed Back In A Matter Of Minutes For The Drive Home. Changing Camber At The Plate Does Not Affect The Toe Setting, Making It A Much More Convenient Way To Go. What Adjustable Front Control Arms Can Do Is Change The Track Width Or Possibly Even Square Up A Car That Has Been In A Wreck. They Can Also Make Small Camber Changes With The Rod Ends, But The Custom Arms Can Be Made Longer To Add Larger Amounts Of Negative Camber If Desired.

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