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Car Gearbox Repair Services Dubai, UAE | Auto Transmission Services

An automatic transmission is an emergency unit of a car, as it is subjected to intense loads during operation. Even with proper use, the mechanism requires timely maintenance and repair. It is extremely difficult to diagnose the exact cause of a breakdown and repair an automatic transmission without skills, experience and special equipment, but any driver can determine the signs of a malfunction.

You should contact your car mechanic if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • extraneous sounds when switching speeds;
  • oil leaks under the hood;
  • jerking, poking, slipping or a sharp start when first gear is engaged;
  • the reverse speed of the machine does not work;
  • loss of vehicle acceleration dynamics;
  • speeds do not switch during movement;
  • reduction in transmission traction.

Professional repair and maintenance of automatic transmissions in Dubai is carried out by the masters of our specialized service. Specialists eliminate breakdowns of any complexity using modern equipment and original spare parts. The quality of the gearbox repair is confirmed by the official guarantee.


The service master performs computer diagnostics of the machine to identify breakdowns and their causes. Using a scanner and an adapter, they read error codes, check the level and condition of the transmission oil, evaluate the operation of the torque converter and solenoid lock, and make a test drive to fix the presence of problems in the operation of the automatic transmission.

Service Features

Repair of an automatic transmission is carried out by car service specialists in several stages:

  1. Dismantling, complete or partial disassembly of the automatic transmission, depending on the type of breakdown.
  2. Troubleshooting – checking all components of the mechanism, preparing a list of parts to be restored or replaced.
  3. Automatic transmission repair.
  4. Assembly, installation of the box in the car and checking the operation of equipment at increased loads.

After the repair of the automatic transmission is completed, the auto mechanics hand over the car to the customer along with the warranty. The period of validity of the document depends on the type of restoration and the declared period of operation of the used components.


The component is responsible for precise and error-free gear shifting. Service masters work with all types of hydroblocks. Perform diagnostics of the node, on the basis of which they select a method for troubleshooting.

torque converter

The unit converts torque from the engine to the automatic transmission. Repair of the mechanism may include disassembly, washing of parts, restoration of the surface plane, replacement of the lock, bearings, turbine and reactor wheels, overrunning clutch. If necessary, welding and other works are carried out.

Variable speed drive

Automatic machines of this type are capable of with no step adjusting the torque. Repair of a CVT automatic transmission involves diagnostics, disassembly, troubleshooting, elimination of identified problems and replacement of components that cannot be restored with new original spare parts. Service technicians also reinforce the assembly by redesigning the pulley path, replacing bearings, and installing stronger belts.


Repair of robotic gearboxes involves repairing mechatronics, replacing the clutch and performing other necessary work. If the DSG cannot be restored, the craftsmen install new equipment.


The repair of a dual clutch automatic transmission includes troubleshooting parts, replacing the flywheel, oil seals and other components, restoring or installing a new TCM unit. If necessary, specialists perform software adjustment of automation.

Service cost

The amount of restoration in a car service is formed taking into account the urgency and complexity of the work, used spare parts. The automatic transmission repairman will announce the final price upon completion of the diagnostics of automotive equipment and troubleshooting of component components.

Repair stages

Stage 1: Diagnosis

 Error codes are read from the memory of the control unit, the transmission fluid is examined, the pressure in the hydraulic circuits is measured, leaks are detected, and the results are analyzed.

Stage 2: Dismantling and disassembly

Produced in whole or in part, depending on the breakdown.

Stage 3: Troubleshooting

A list of automatic transmission parts to be replaced or repaired is compiled. The cost of work is determined taking into account the price of spare parts. There is a coordination of nuances with the client.

Stage 4: Assembly, installation, testing

After completing the work, the box is installed on the car and tested under increased loads. In conclusion, the client is provided with a guarantee for operation by mileage or a calendar period.


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